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We clearly saw $btc dump straight away from $31000 To $27000 and also a pump from $27000 To $30000 and again $30000$ to $27000 in few days.

If we have a look in previous history then we will find exactly the same thing was happened in 2013 and 2017

We can expect $btc will ranging $27000 to $31000 range in aroud next 2 weeks. If we break $27000 then bear will enough strong or If we break $31000 then bull will be strong

But I still expect $btc will enter into $35k to $40k area. If market complete this range once then we may see the second correction of the market in $20k to $25k area and It can possible in the mid of june. Because we had seen the same dump in the previous season where we saw a upward movement of market took $btc to $14000 and after few months we return back in bottom of $3800 if the same history repeat then we will see a big dump in around 15 june to 25 june

Everydays support in $27k and resistance in $31k are becoming very strong. In this stage of market I believe $btc will continue ranging 15-20 days in between 31k$ to 27k$. If $btc touch $31000 Again we may have a quick dump to 30k$ or 29k$ and these are the opportunities to make some easy money.

In this condition $btc has higher chance to go up to $35k-$40k area because previous history (2013 & 2017) is exactly matching in this season. If $btc goes in that expected range Alt coin will show massive strength. But users have to be careful about stoploss because there will a massive dump too.

Please excuse the mistakes. I am not expert but learning a lots from Ryan and his group. I am grateful to Vietnam 🇻🇳
Fan of Ryan

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